Ebola Response


On August 7, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia declared a national State of Emergency, neighboring countries are quarantining communities, and yet the disease continues to spread. Fear of Ebola threatens the very peace that Liberians have been working so hard to build. 

Though the US government, WHO, and other actors have stepped up to support the Liberian government in containing the epidemic, conditions in underserved communities are desperate, with medical personnel lacking even the most basic supplies. 

What is needed now is for people to have a sense that this can be brought under control, for there to be increased compliance with needed interventions, and for medical personnel to be safe to do their work (many have left because it is so dangerous - not just the risk of infection but the risk of unrest). This is where our work comes in. While national and international actors work to contain the outbreak, with medical professionals literally putting their lives on the line, rumors and misinformation abound, fed by fear and a history that supports broad mistrust of those in power. Addressing this fear is essential to the safety and stability of Liberians on the ground. The need for communication that is relevant to and supports people's cooperation with authorities is urgent. Survivors' Truths Liberia developed and released an Ebola Messaging Guide to help reach more people on the ground with key prevention and intervention information. 
Our Liberia team has partnered with a group including Massachusetts General Hospital and the Lutheran Church in Liberia on a crisis response to get desperately needed supplies and critical information to outlying areas
The Survivors' Truths Liberia team and our partners need your help. Ebola has strangled the informal economy upon which they depend. Please give if you can and encourage others to donate. 
Where will your money go? Donated funds will be used exclusively to promote health and stability during this time of crisis. The team on the ground currently needs funds for transportation, communications, media development and dissemination, and additional staff. We are coordinating with local and international organizations and will allocate funds judiciously to ensure the most streamlined and impactful action on the ground. If, at the end of the crisis, any funds remain, they will be utilized for community recovery and stabilization in areas impacted by the ebola crisis.

UPDATE AUGUST 15: Mardia Stone, M.D. has arrived in Liberia with the first shipment of emergency supplies and is working with the team to prepare for distribution. More to come soon.

UPDATE AUGUST 9: Surviors' Truths is happy to announce that we have joined forces with the Lutheran Church in Liberia to further the impact of our critical work on the Ebola Crisis.  During this special partnership, we will be working together to ensure the rapid dissemination of critically-needed information along with targeted delivery of medical supplies and services to people in underserved areas of Liberia. Your donation will directly support this urgently needed work.

UPDATE AUGUST 8: Click for access to our initial Press Release and Ebola Messaging Guide.  Please feel free to share widely! 





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